Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Bedtime Insecurities....part 2

All of us have insecurities when having sex...what's yours?

This is an installation art that focuses on the uneasiness we feel and insecurities we have when we are naked and having sex.

It all boils down to one single truth: People can't face the truth about themselves.

This is my artwork for the Open Season-Group Art Exhibition...:-)


erotica muse said...

got here from a taboo world. liberating concept you got. insecurities come with immaturity i guess. when i was younger, i thought i looked ugly when i cum. felt conscious about it. crazy. you rock.

boydahon said...

liberating concept, indeed. It somehow reveals the truth to those who deny it.

I like your work. surreal ba to? tama? :)

Nonon Yee said...

@boydahon: tnx...yup surreal to...^_^