Friday, February 20, 2009

Smile for me baby

it's exactly one year since my last post...hahaha

anyway, i promise this year will be a reaaaaallllllyyyyy productive year for me and my art. while drinking with some fellow artists the other night, i came upon a decision not to waste my talent anymore. to everyone who likes my work (is there anybody out there???), starting today this blog will be updated regularly. i'll be posting sketches and studies on a regular basis. promise.^_^

for starters, this is a digital piece i did for an upcoming digital art exhibition on March 14, 2009 at The Outpost, Cebu city. the exhibit is Perfect On Paper (POP). this exhibition will showcase works of digital artists here in Cebu.

at first i was hesitant to join because digital art is not my specialty. i suck at digital art. i really find it uncomfortable working on a digital artwork. maybe beacause i'm so used with pencil and traditonal media.

but i'm giving this one a shot. ^_^

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