Monday, March 16, 2009

Behind Closed Doors

Behind Closed Doors

Voyeurism, a compulsion innate in human beings, is being described as spying on sexual activities from a secret location.

What happens behind closed doors has always been a source of interest not only amongst voyeurs, but also the curious. For this is where the sordid and the sensational happens.

Behind Closed Doors is a peep through that carnal being in each of us, that the darkness seeks to hide when the lights are off, but art endlessly sees. A magnified look at “sex”, “pagtatalik”, “kayat” or “iyot”. It involves all the colors, positions, preferences: man to woman, woman to woman, man to man, and everything in between.

It also includes many different forms of confessions that involve the language felt by many, spoken by so few. And so, we express it through our chosen media. This art exhibit does not aim to solely show what the artists think, feel and perceive, but it also aims to awaken. It aims to celebrate sexuality, openly. It is an exposition that calls for sexual exploration, self-satisfaction and the liberating outcome of coitus that most of us fail to recognize and appreciate.

Through our exhibit, we are inviting you to join us in a visual thrill ride of breaking norms, and going beyond taboo to behold sexual forms in a different perspective. If you won’t call it art, then we’ll call it our own perversions. And discover that even the moist little finger that moves in and out of you or the furry little creature that brings you to climax, can be a thing of beauty.

Let us celebrate the human spirit through the pleasures of the flesh particularly, the sexual pleasures or gratifications in different forms.

Behind Closed Doors is viewing sex as an art form, from a not-so-secret vantage point.


This will be a two-man show featuring our latest works and our take on human sexuality(as always..hehe).

Exhibiting artists: Nonon Yee and Dan Guillano

Exhibition date: April 18 - May 09, 2009

Exhibition venue: Gamay'ng Gallery, Turtle's Nest, Brgy. Lahug, Cebu City

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