Monday, July 13, 2009

Cuming this August...

"The Birds and The Bees"

Life is full of metaphor. If there is one subject where metaphor is a dime a dozen, it should be sex. One wonders why, as a child, sex seems to be an object of intrigue and secrecy, when it is one of the most carnal acts of human beings. Parents love to sugarcoat, thinking that through this, they can protect innocent minds from being corrupted.

What is it about sex that we need to hide? Why do birds and bees need to suffer their innocent images for something “adulterated”? This is because, sex, no matter how seemingly enjoyable and orgasmic, is not perfect. It is shadowed by morality, emotions, and both physiological and psychological issues.

THE BIRDS AND THE BEES is an art exhibit which showcases three artists' perception about how the abnormalities and flaws in one's sexuality affect not only an individual as a sexual being, but as an entire human person. This includes the other aspects that mold his behavior and relationships: emotional, social and psychological.

This exhibit will show that sexual abnormalities and flaws contribute to the shape of this whole sphere, social bonds, female whims, masculine angst and more

The viewers are given the ticket to that hidden corner where size DOES matter, WILD is BEAUTIFUL, orgasms influence human joys and pride, every lick and every thrust counts not just during coitus but beyond.

THE BIRDS AND THE BEES is an art exhibit about sex that your parents do not want you to know, but you have to inevitably discover and experience.

When: August 22 - September 12, 2009
Where: Gamay'ng Gallery, Turtle's Nest, Brgy. Lahug, Cebu City
Artists: Nonon Yee, Dan Guillano and Jade


Aileen Siroy said...

wow! i might be in cebu then! next time, apil ko exhibit ha? *kidding* my sketches are amateurish. LOL! =D

please ingna dan, i will get my notebooks next month. =)

congrats ninyo daan for the exhibit! and wish you all the best! =)

Jorich R. Ponio said...

Nonon, is this for free? or na a ni bayad??