Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A study drawing

medium: colored pencil on board

A study drawing for another composition for the upcoming "The birds and the bees" art exhibit..^_^


Forgetful Princess said...

@Tammy: Pwede jud ka muadto sa exhibit karong august 22 oi...^_^...are you planning to come here sa Cebu next week?

@Nonon: Actually, yes I was planning to visit Cebu on August 22. The original plan was 22 arrival, uwi ng 23 but this afternoon..nag twist akong mind and I booked a flight sa Manila on the 20.

I was invited to join a mountain climbing kasi! Saka, naisip ko man gud..asa pod ko dra mag stay overnight! Wala man koy kaila kundi si Dan lang!

Nonon Yee said...

@Tammy: ay sayang oi...anhi unta ka...wala man problema place to stay dinhi...naa ra bitaw ming Dan...^_^